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Data Analysis

Data analysis involves the inspection, normalization and modeling of like data sources in order to transform and present the most useful information derived from the various data, thus allowing one to form clear conclusions, supporting strategic decision making.

Much of data analysis and normalization involves the removal of disparate artifacts to allow for dissemination of like data for comparison. Once this step is complete, data can be modeled to create commonality, such as the creation of key unique information that allows for sorting and comparison of other data sources involving elements of one or many other data sources (relational keys or primary keys). The result is clear, defined information that can be presented both textually and visually (through data visualization) to a layperson so that they make make an informed decision. 

This practice is an essential component of any investigation, data migration, information governance (IG), or eDiscovery exercise. While it is often needed, it is highly under-utilized in today's overwhelming digital information age. This is due, in part, to two factors:

  • a lack of qualified resources to execute the analysis, and
  • budget constraints of the project.

T3C Solutions can solve both problems by providing your team with qualified resources at a reasonable cost, without a long-term hiring obligation. Contract consulting solutions surrounding data analysis is one of our key specialties.