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Data Visualization

Data visualization is graphically displaying information derived from various data sources to tell a story. In many ways, it is considered an art form, as the right visuals need to be aligned with the right data types for the information to make sense. For example, a pie chart that demonstrates the value of multiple components of an organization in relation to the whole. There are multiple ways to display this information, but some make more logical sense than others. After all, the saying is, "a picture is worth a thousand words", but in the case of an investigation or information governance exercise, the saying could be "a picture is worth $100,000" (or more)!

There are many types of data visualizations beyond just the typical pie chart or bar graph that involve much more than an excel spreadsheet. To provide example, often times legal matters require timelines to be established. This type of data visualization can quickly become very complex, as you not only have to create visuals for the time component, but create a way to logically display the events and various data across the timeline in a way that renders a useful story full of valuable and relevant information. This requires graphical, investigative and logical skills. 

Another form of complex data visualizations are infographics. These require a keen eye for design, colonization, logical data flow, and investigation to ensure the data being compared makes sense, can be translated to a flowing layout as well as being logical and informative to the end-consumer. Often times infographics involve a relational component to their audience, such as displaying measured information as a "tape measure" to a group of carpenters. Therefore it is important to test their effectiveness prior to finalizing the graphic for the consumer, thus ensuring their impact and success.

At T3C Solutions, data visualization is a core component of what we do well. Contact us today to learn more and find out how we can help bring your digital data to life.