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Expert Testimony & Reporting

In the context of eDiscovery or corporate data investigations there is always the potential requirement of having to detail findings and/or process during trial or mediation. T3C Solutions is able to support any complex technical effort with our expert testimony experience. For almost two decades, T3C Solutions has provided support to industry experts such as forensic accountants, financial analysts and computer forensic professionals surrounding hundreds of expert reports, declarations, depositions and trial testimony. Coupled with our own declaration, deposition, and trial testimony at both the federal and state levels, we are uniquely qualified to support a multitude of industry experts, lawyers and legal professionals. 

Types of cases T3C Solutions supports:

  • Financial investigations
  • Forensic accounting investigations
  • IP theft
  • Software / Website code analysis
  • Website breach
  • Computer forensic analysis and investigations

If called upon to provide a qualified person to convey a complex technical issues in layperson terms, paired with our other data services, T3C Solutions is a great fit for on-demand support to any disputes and investigations practice.