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Process Automation

Process automation is a general technology term used to describe the process of automating computer related tasks, such as reporting, file migration, or any other critical or repetitive task that needs to be performed at regular intervals. Processes are automated through the use of computers and computer software, often developed through the use of software application programming interfaces (APIs). Processes that have been automated require less human interaction, and therefore less human time to deliver creating savings to both business and time to delivery. 

Often times there may not be a software product present, and evaluation is necessary of the process to determine the right platform upon which to automate the task at hand. T3C Solutions was born from software automation. Having created some of the first eDiscovery software processes by automating email workflows and extractions makes us uniquely equipped to meet many business data needs. Anything from information governance (IG) to eDiscovery can be automated. Couple this with strong data visualization skills that T3C Solutions brings to bear on any project, and you'll have automation that will make your data stand on its head (figuratively, of course). 

Some examples of Process Automation include:

  • File migration and deduplication
  • Metadata extraction & reporting
  • File search and retrieval
  • Cumulative reporting from Excel or delimited data source
  • Project scheduling and budget creation
  • Legal checklists and litigation hold

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