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Software Development

T3C Solutions is highly adept at software development tailored to our client market. Developing software is the process of computer programming, documenting and testing of software applications resulting in a software product, which could then be used internally or licensed to third parties. Much of our work revolves around process automation where budgets do not allow for higher cost or overly complex off-the-shelf software products. Our main development focus revolves around the following types of legal services applications:

  • Creation of management dashboards
  • Web portals for project management and operations
  • Monitoring and reporting frameworks
  • Repository reporting and analysis
  • Internet web portal design, hosting and management

While we know the market is flooded with software that does just about everything, there are times when a specific need arises that requires something unique. Or perhaps you are seeking someone with keen industry knowledge that is more than just a graphic designer dabbling with programming. This is where T3C Solutions can help your practice become more successful. 

Contact us today to discuss your practice needs.