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Technical Project Management

Projects within an organization have a defined goal, including a budget inclusive of a target start and end date. As accomplished project managers, familiar with complex technical and discovery tasks, T3C Solutions can bring industry knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to our clients' project activities that meet specific detailed requirements.

With a strong familiarity of projects that are not part of routine operations, T3C Solutions can quickly design a specific set of operations to accomplish a project's goals all while keeping budgets at top of mind. Key strengths include:

  • Management and support of remote staff
  • Monitoring, QC and performance of highly technical tasks
  • Creation of project reporting, timelines and budgets
  • Provide professional client-facing onsite personnel¬†
  • Development of automation for project components when necessary
  • Deliver engaging graphical reporting coupled with strong data visualizations

T3C Solutions can help fill the gap when a highly accomplished technical or discovery project manager is needed with a unique set of skills to fit your project's tasks.